Eating and learning together — Recommendations for school meals

Titel: Eating and learning together — Recommendations for school meals
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EATING AND LEARNING TOGETHER - recommendations for school meals provide guidelines for the provision of school meals, cooperation in the school and with homes, as well as monitoring and evaluation of operation. The recommendations given for the provision of school meals and snacks and their nutritional quality cover menus, as well as specific foods and nutrients. The importance of an unhurried eating situation, eating together and providing pedagogical guidance in eating is emphasised in the recommendations. Increasing the inclusion of the students, providing lunches and snacks that promote health and sustainable development as well as consideration of the entire meal environment and promotion of a culture of good manners are key areas. The objective is to increase the food knowledge of the students and to promote the development of their food sense. School meals offer a multidisciplinary learning opportunity with natural links to several learning subjects. These recommendations are published by the National Nutrition Council and they are designed for providers of education and supporting activities, schools, persons responsible for school catering services and student welfare, as well as parents, carers and the students themselves. Eating and learning together - experiencing joy in eating at school!